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Whether you're on a limited budget or you are seeking only the best, we will find the best bang for your buck. Call us, your hearing aid "mortgage broker"

Many Brands to Choose From

Let us help you find the right one

We make it easy to find the right hearing aid for you! After a hearing test we can find which hearing aid type will work for you. We consult with you to find out what features you find valuable in a hearing aid.  Some want to hear all the soft sounds they are missing,  others want to hear better in background noise, or both!  There are so many hearing aid features we consider depending on your various listening environments.  We a narrow the options down and then you can take them home for a test drive. After 5-7 days we evaluate your experience and tailor your needs accordingly.

Services We Offer 

Hearing Testing

Hearing Aid Programming

Tinnitus Management

Wax Removal

Hearing Aid Demos

Take Hearing Aids home for FREE to see how they sound.

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Phenomenal service! Leila is warm, welcoming and full of personality! You can tell she loves her job and helping people

- Scott M.

Leila is extremely knowledgeable, and sets a new standard for customer service. You can tell that she genuinely cares about her customers. The trial program is invaluable when making such a large long term decision. Thank you for your help and support!

- Sara M.

Leila is supportive, knowledgeable and personable. It was a pleasure to deal with her. She takes the time to listen and to teach as she tirelessly helps you to try different hearing aids and levels. in order to find your personal best under various situations. I can confidently recommend her to my family and friends.

- Joyce A.

Let's Try Some Hearing Aids


We Source the Deals and Pass the Savings to You!


Book an appointment for a free hearing test, we discuss options, and you get to take home a pair of hearing aids with no obligation to purchase. 

If you have WSIB, ODSP, DVA, or have private insurance, you have more than one choice in hearing aids! Borrow a pair to see which product you like best and we do all the paperwork!

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