Hearing Aids

Get piece of mind and let us help you choose the right one!

How to pick the right hearing aid

Step 1: Hearing Test

Step 2: Lifestyle consultation

Sample questions include:

-Do you have a cell phone? Android? iPhone?

-How often do you attend social gatherings?

-How many people are present?

-Is there background noise?

-What is you most difficult listening environment?

-Do you experience tinnitus?

-Do you find your tinnitus bothersome?

-Have you every worked in noisy environments?...etc

  We do a thorough assessment to determine your hearing care needs

Step 3: We program a pair of hearing aids to your hearing loss that fits your needs. You take them home a trial for 3-7 days

Step 4: Assess how you enjoyed your experience and determine next steps based on your experience.

Hearing Aid Sales and Promotions

As a hearing aid "mortgage broker", there are always sales and promotions offered by the manufacturer, however they often change based on trends, launches, sell-offs, new product launches etc.

We always pass these discounts to our patients.  It's my job to find the promotions and let you see if the sale is worth it, or whether a regularly priced hearing aid is the better choice for you.  Try before you buy and see for yourself!